These days, the PREIS Group is commemorating the managing director and partner, Ing.Kurt Jägersberger, who died in 2016.


In Memoriam Kurt Jägersberger

Kurt has been with the company since his school days and has significantly shaped and promoted the development from a trading company in Piestingtal to an international industrial company with 4 locations and around 800 employees. Professional experience and economic competence combined with determination, humanity and a lot of commitment are just some of the characteristics that describe Kurt Jägersberger as a personality.

While his brother and partner Peter Jägersberger took responsibility of development of the industries in the field of cast components and drainage systems, Kurt headed the “Steel Construction” sales department in Pernitz. In 1996, the welding company PREIS Sevnica in Slovenia became part of PREIS Group, and in 2014 another steel construction company, PREIS Usora, was newly founded in Bosnia.

Thanks to tireless commitment, foresight and determination, we owe Kurt today our positioning in the transformer construction sector as an important supplier for the “global players” in the energy industry in Europe.

In June 2021 a sculpture was established in his honor in PREIS Sevnica (SLO). A big thank you at this point to the management and the employees on site for the organization of this worthy commemoration. The shimmering tip of the blue stainless steel sculpture describes the liberation from the surrounding steel, which is very reminiscent of Kurt’s personal life.

At the headquarter of the PREIS Group in Pernitz, a memorial plaque was unveiled in the entrance area in a festive setting with employees, retired colleagues and family. “The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value”. These words remind us of the visionary Kurt Jägersberger, who took an extraordinary path and has shaped the corporate culture to this day. Thanks to everyone for this come-together!

Text: Beatrice Jägersberger, Employee and sister-in-law

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