PREIS - Focused on resources!

Learn more about the efforts we take to build a green infrastrucutre made in Europe!

Our Policy - our vision


For decades, the PREIS GROUP successfully develops, procures, produces and sells high quality, customized and innovative quality products in the fields of electrical components, wel- ded constructions and building drainage systems

Use of renewable energy

The PREIS Group systematically collects the ECO energy share of its total energy consumption in predefined, recurring periods. From the data obtained, goals and measures are set to continusously increase the use of ECO energy with focus to hydropower, photovoltaics, wind power and biomass.

Energy efficient manufacturing and working

The following points are to be considered here: First, the company building. The energetic condition of the production facilities and offices and the resulting energy requirements. Improvements at this point are usually difficult. Our PREIS Group approach: to achieve with a lot of smaller improvements in long term a siginificant improvement.

Secondly, we optimize production by using the lean production approach: idle times on machines are reduced, internal transport is minimised, production processes and logistics are optimised.

Emission management CO2 reduction

The group-wide reduction of CO2 emissions runs through the entire value chain – from the supply chain to production and delivery. We set ourselves clear goals.

The CO2 emissions of the individual plants are collected and and added to a group wide total CO2 emissions calculation, which are the foundation for the goals and improvements for the next period.

Environmentally friendly transport and travel behavior

Our travel and transport climate footprint:

As part of our CO2 reduction program, we also collect relevant data on transport and business trips. The data determined are analyzed and differentiated reduction measures are defined.

Impact of products on the environment - Product lifecyle

We are aware that products have an impact on our environment and health throughout their lifecycle, the raw materials and energy  used in their manufacture and the energy used during the process. In terms of a wholistic approach, our products are periodically examined and analyzed and we take action to minimize environmental impacts during this process.

Social justice and respective interaction

More than 800 employees perform excellent work in our plants every day. In terms of social justice and respectful interaction, we have our PREIS guideline defined. In addition, we offer our employees a sustainable job with first-class training opportunities.


Not just a philosophy: Many of our products are already made with a high proportion of recycled materials. Within the scope of technical possibilities and after consultation with customers, we always strive to increase the proportion of recycled material in our products. We know – recycling ca be a smart strategy.

Handling & avoiding/reducing waste

From our environmental management system, which we have introduced group-wide for years according to the international management system ISO 14001, key figures on waste, waste avoidance, waste reduction and waste handling are kept and constantly improved.

Health promotion

Active workplace health promotion is one of our modern corporate strategies with the aim of preventing illnesses in the workplace. To this end, we work closely with external experts and institutions.

We get the opinions of our employees and use standardized checklists to systematically and periodically check the workplaces for possible hazards and potential health hazards.

Caring for natural resources & Due diligence in the supply chain

Efficient and economical use of natural resources is a central concern of our corporate policy and runs like a red thread through all of the company´s processes.

Based on this sustainability focus, the individual plants in our group develop site-specific measures for sustainable resource conservation. We pass on mandatory sustainability standards to the suppliers resulting from the supply chain of the products. Ensuring compliance with environmental and social standards in the supplier network is the declared goal of the PREIS GROUP. This includes in particular the observance of human rights and the sustainable production of raw materials.

Achieving transparency over the wide, dynamic supply chains and making the flow of gods traceable is the most important requirement. To this end, we are continuously expanding the close cooperation with our partners in the supplier network. We source our products, components, materials and other services worldwide. We specify the associated social and ecological due diligence obligations to our suppliers as part of our contractually binding sustainability standards.

We counter identified risks at our direct and event-related at our indirect suppliers with preventive, corrective, enabling and remedial measures that we have systematically anchored in our processes.