Защита личных данных

At the company Preis Group, we respect the privacy of the users and follow the personal data protection laws. The collected personal data is processed only for the purposes listed below and will not be disclosed to third parties.


Cookies are small files, which our website sends to your computer and stores them in it. Cookies are stored in the file directory of your web browser. On your next visit of the website, the browser reads the cookie and provides the information to the website. If you would like to learn more about the technology of cookies, visit an appropriate website, such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie or www.aboutcookies.org

The purpose and types of cookies
The cookies are used so we can offer you a better user experience when you visit the website and for our own analysis.

Our website uses the following cookies:

  • Cookies for statistics (Google Analytics)
    Cookies collect information in an anonymous form, which includes the number of  visitors on the website, which were the websites the visitors came from to visit our website, which pages were visited etc. We use this information to improve the functioning of the website and also the contents of the website. Consequently, for you, this means improvement of your user experience on our website. This is why we would like to ask you to allow us the use of cookies for statistics.

    Cookie name Service Duration Description
    _utma Google Analytics 2 years Intended to identify the user (the number of visits, first and last visit).
    _utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes Intended to record the duration of the visit. It records the exact time when the user started the visit (session).
    _utmc Google Analytics End of session Intended to record the duration of the visit.
    _utmz Google Analytics 6 months Intended to record from where the user came to the site, which search engine and keywords were used and the location from which the user accessed the website.
  • Strictly necessary cookies
    Session cookies are among strictly necessary cookies. They last only the duration of your visit to the website and record your activities during your visit, and they can be generated by the web server itself. Additional strictly necessary cookies are also the ones that store your settings for cookie permissions.

    Cookie name Service Duration Description
    ASPSESSION Server session Generated by the server and is necessary for the functioning of the webpage.
    cc_analytics The setting of cookie privacy policy 1 year Intended for storing your cookie settings and for the visitation statistics.
    cc_necessary The setting of cookie privacy policy 1 year Intended for storing of strictly necessary cookie settings.

Cookie management

  • In the browser
    Options for cookie management are available in the web browser. In your web browser, you can yourself manage the cookies, connected to the basic functions, website improvement, individual adaptation and advertising. Web browsers use different methods to disable cookies – you can usually find them in the Tools or Options menus.The latest version of the Internet Explorer browser and Google Chrome allow you to block all cookies in advance, so they will not be uploaded to your computer, not even on your first visit of the website.

    Cookies can also be deleted from your computer later. But the location of cookies and the deletion procedure depend on individual web browsers. For instructions, find Help menu in your browser.

  • On the website
    On your first visit to the website, a banner “Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies” will appear at the top of the page. You can consent to the usage of all cookies (allow cookies), or you can view the details to select individual cookies.When you consent or decline the cookies, the upper banner vanishes and a window appears at the bottom of the website, labelled “Privacy settings (cookies)”. Click on it, and a new window for website privacy settings will appear. Strictly necessary cookies are activated by default, however, in the visitation statistics you can choose between “I consent” and “I decline”. When you first visit the website, the default setting is “I decline”. Until you choose the setting “I consent”, no website statistics cookies will be uploaded to your computer.

    If you change your mind later and wish to select different settings, the privacy settings are available on every subpage. If you first consented to the cookie usage, but change your mind later, the files are still present on your computer, but are no longer active. You can manually delete them with the help of your browser.

    For the purpose of cookie settings functioning, additional cookies will be stored in your computer, where the value of your settings will be stored. These cookies are among the strictly necessary cookies; without them, the settings system could not perform.