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As a family owned enterprise, we place great importance on continuity, stability, security of employment as well as occupational health and safety. A fair, co-operative partnership with our customers and suppliers and especially with our employees is our major focus.

Our financial stability gives us a high level of entrepreneurial freedom and the security of being able to bridge periods of economic instability. We reinvest our profits in structures, machines and equipment as well as in stable, attractive and healthy work places and in learning & development programes for our workforce.

We promote team-structures and team-work. Working together in cross-border project-teams is thus part of our corporate culture as is supporting department activities in their free time. The most important ambassadors, upholders and creators of our corporate culture are – besides our owner family – our leaders and our management.

Well qualified employees are the prerequisite for the perfect quality of products and services and therefore for satisfied customers and economic success. This is why we continuously invest in learning & development activities for our employees. One basic tool are career planning & development talk with our employees which are held regularly and lead to individually defined learning and development goals.

We offer learning & development programes locally and at Group level. Bigger learning steps, such as extra occupational studies are supported and assisted professionally. We engage in local learning communities and, by doing so, make it possible for our employees to access local learning offers.

Our executives and experts are given the opportunity to further develop and update their leadership and expertise in a multi-site Management development program.

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We are Preis

Our corporate values and organisational culture.