The “General Terms of Delivery issued by Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industry Associations” 3/2023 are valid. Preis Ges.m.b.H. reserves the title to the property of delivered goods until we have received the complete payment (inclusive all interest and charges). In case of default of payment we will charge 12% interest p.a.

If the Preis GmbH or one of Preis GmbH’s affiliated companies in accordance with § 189a Z 8 UGB as well as subcontractors of Preis GmbH, is temporarily prevented or impeded from performing and delivering in whole or in part due to inevitable events or force majeure, including but not limited to events triggered by the coronavirus due to production stoppages or employee illness or due to the crisis situation in Ukraine, also, for example, due to suppliers of Preis GmbH defaulting or other delays in material deliveries, the agreed delivery time shall be extended by the duration of the impediment to performance. Any consequences of delay, in particular without limiting to claims for damages or penalties, cannot be derived or asserted from this. Furthermore, in this case the Preis GmbH is unilaterally entitled to withdraw (partially) from the contract. This unilateral right of Preis GmbH to withdraw from the contract shall also apply in the event that performance of the contract would be uneconomical for Preis GmbH, e.g. due to increased energy or material costs as a result of the above-mentioned coronavirus or Ukraine crisis or as a result of an unforeseeable event.