PREIS® Drainage Systems
Building the future with cast iron - the premium product
PREIS® Drainage Systems
Cast iron drainage systems for modern constructions and renovation
PREIS® Drainage Systems - preventive fire protection
No fire transmission, no burning droplets, no smoke generation
PREIS® Drainage - best choice, no noise
Living comfort: A drainage system almost as silent as falling snow
Responsible for our future
100% recycleable, conserving resources for our environment

PREIS® Drainage Systems – approved quality for the highest demands

Space-saving, reliable and long-lasting: The cast iron pipe system meets the high standards of modern living , technical building equipment and important safety requirements such as sound and fire protection.

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The best solution for domestic wastewater

The best solution for aggressive  wastewater and for underground drainage systems

The missing link for your drainage project

Pipe Edge Protection

PREIS® Drainage Systems - approved quality

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