PREIS® PEP (Pipe Edge Protection)

PREIS® PEP for PREIS Drainage Systems cast iron drainage systems according to EN 877.

Areas of application

Pipe Edge Protection for PREIS® Drainage Systems cast iron drainage pipe systems (KML + SML), used successfully in the tests with PREIS® KML according to DIN EN 877 and RAL GZ 698.


- Separator with fingerlift for fast and easy detachment from the backing paper

- Fast and easy application to the cutting edge of the pipe

- Quick installation without drying times


Butyl rubber with special polyethylene film

Silicone paper separation layer with fingerlift for easy removal


- mostly chemical resistant
- very good adhesion
- permanently flexible
- impermeable to water
- resistant to ageing


- Always store cool and dry (+5°C to +25°C) and protected against UV

Minimum shelf life 24 months
(at +5°C to +25°C)

Working temperature

Processing from +5°C to +40°C

Processing instructions

Read the PREIS® PEP installation instructions first and follow the application instructions

Please note:

- PREIS® PEP is not resistant to oils and organic solvents (e.g. gasoline)
- If necessary, loosen the clamping screw of the connector before pushing it on
- It is essential to use PREIS® PEP for cut edges on KML pipes.
- PREIS® PEP is recommended as cut edge protection for SML pipes.
- Keep out of the reach of children!

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