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Technical innovation and insight into the needs of our customers have made the PREIS Group an international supplier of complete systems in the fields of electrical components, foundry products, welded constructions and building drainage.

1 Headquarter and 3 Production sites
Four international subsidiaries - a European family business.
History and Vision
With our history as our inspiration we are continuously expanding our market position! Independent, stable and innovative!
Performance-orientated, innovative and successful - Our people are our assets!

PREIS Pernitz

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Our headquarters are located -in Pernitz, Austria, where PREIS was founded almost fifty years ago. Today, at the headquarters of the PREIS Group, we take care of -engineering, project management, finance, logistics, marketing and sales – 45-50 employees form the link between the production sites and our customers´ requirements, facing the challenges of the international market and daily business.


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FERRO-PREIS was founded in the mid-20th century in the city of Čakovec, Croatia, under the original name “Ljevaonica Čakovec” and became part of the PREIS Group in 1991. FERRO PREIS d.o.o. is one of the leading grey cast iron producers in Europe, producing the own brand product PREIS® Drainage Systems for building drainage as well as hard-working products such as pump parts, bearing housings, gear castings, automotive parts and manhole covers for several industries.


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PREIS SEVNICA has been part of the PREIS Group since 1996 and has been developing welding expertise, high-quality steel constructions and mechanical engineering. PREIS SEVNICA is a specialised manufacturer and provider of solutions for high-quality steel constructions: welding, machining, sandblasting, painting and construction work. The company has unique know-how, full-time development experts and infrastructure with the latest high-tech equipment. The company´s main activity focuses on the manufacture of oil-tight containers, especially transformer tanks and other welded structures.


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PREIS USORA d.o.o. became  the newest production plant within the PREIS Group in 2014 and focuse on producing complex welding constructions such as transformer housings and oil-tight containers on a production area of 6,000 m².  The plant is equipped with modern machinery and employs experts for cutting, welding, mechanical processing as well as mounting, blasting and painting of challenging constructions. State-of-the-art painting booths enable eco-friendly, top-quality treatment. 

Our history is our inspiration – Today, the PREIS Group employs more than 750 people at the productions sites in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. The Group´s headquarter is located in Pernitz, Austria, and the company remains family owned. 

Our Vision -
Independent, stable and innovative!

  • 1970 – The family enterprise PREIS Group was founded by Kurt Jägersberger.
  • 1988 – In 1988 the company moved to the newly constructed building in Pernitz, which still serves as the headquarters of the PREIS Group.
  • 1991 – In 1991 the company FERRO PREIS was acquired and integrated into the group as part of its corporate strate-gy. This foundry can call on more than 70 years of experience in the production of quality products for the electrical, water and machining industries.
  • 1996 – PREIS SEVNICA was added to the group in 1996. The enterprise was founded in 1962 and specialised in the production of welded constructions for the manufacturing of transformers. In the following years, the owners modernised and extended the production sites. Newest technology and machinery were installed to satisfy the requirements of our international customer base.
  • 2009 – FERRO PREIS added a fully automated pipe casting line in 2009 and became a supplier of a wide range of drainage products for buildings.
  • 2014 – Setting up the new production centre PREIS USORA in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2014 significantly increased production capacities for welded constructions. The modern production facility for medium-sized power transformer tanks was commissioned on schedule after a year of construction.
  • 2015 – In 2015, we changed the smelting operation at our FERRO-PREIS plant to medium-frequency furnaces, thus enabling the casting of special iron alloys.
  • 2016 – In 2016, in addition to the company’s 20-year anniversary, our subsidiary PREIS SEVNICA in Slovenia celebrated the expansion of its production area by 1,600 m2 with lifting devices of 50 tonnes. In order to provide our employees with a modern workplace, we are investing extensively in office facilities and buildings at all locations.
  • Today, the PREIS group employs more than 750 people at the production sites in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. The headquarter of the group has remained in Pernitz, Austria.

Our assets!

The success story of the PREIS Group is based on responsibility, tradition and culture shared with both business partners and personnel.
Performance-orientated and innovative employees who are willing and able to accept responsibility are the main building block of our corporate culture. As a family-run company, we attach particular importance to satisfied employees who provide excellent support for our customers and partners through ongoing training and further education.

We offer exciting and demanding job opportunities in a variety of areas. Typical entry level positions in the PREIS Group are:

  • Apprentices (commercial, technical)
  • Worker – positions (Welder, Machine Operators, Iron Casting Workers)
  • Commercial positions in Sales, Logistics, Finance & Administration
  • Technical positions in Construction, Production, Research & Development
  • Leadership & Expert positions

We place great importance on continuity, stability, security and loyalty. A fair, co-operative partnership with our customers and suppliers and especially with our employees is our major focus.

Our financial stability gives us a high level of entrepreneurial freedom and the security of being able to bridge periods of economic instability. We reinvest our profits in structures, machines and equipment as well as in stable, attractive and healthy work places and in learning & development programs for our workforce.

We promote team-structures and team-work. Working together in cross-border project-teams is thus part of our corporate culture as is supporting departmental activities in the free time. The most important ambassadors, upholders and creators of our corporate culture are – besides our owner family – our leaders and our management.

Our leadership values are:

  • The managers are responsible for the continuous development of the company.
  • We value a friendly working environment and place great importance on job security and social values.
  • Our structures and processes are streamlined. We concentrate on the essential and execute this professionally.
  • Our management style is demanding and relies on communication.
  • We include our employees in decision making processes and implement decisions consistently and efficiently.

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