Specialists for steel processing

Leader in welding industry

Today, welding constructions in PREIS goes beyond the bounds of this simple description. We apply a wide variety of methods and products, using most advanced technologies. The same goes for other areas of steel constructions in PREIS such as cutting, machining, sandblasting, painting and finishing. With the latest investment into upgrading of the production in PREIS we have made great strides into the technology of the twenty-first century.

We manage every challenge

Welding constructions in PREIS is based on a 50 year tradition in high-quality steel constructions and mechanical engineering. We are a trustworthy and reliable provider of manufacture of oil-tight containers, especially transformer tanks and other welded structures.

Innovation is our future

Motivated and expert employees are committed to the development and investigation of new opportunities in the market. Together with and for our clients we develop ideas and set up production for the newest inventions in various industries. The future holds even greater promise, as with the new advanced equipment we are able to create products of innovative shapes and designs for any industry.