Equipment of the new millennium

To speed up the production process, reach maximum quality of machining and make a step forward to more productive and environmentally friendly manufacturing, we have invested in our production capabilities. Our recent acquisitions are the newest technology for machining and cutting, as well as the new CNC machining centre. The new plasma cutting machine contributes a lot to a faster and more precise production process. This most advanced equipment brought us savings from reduced outsourcing of machining operations and less working hours in preparation for manual processing of parts.

Welding is our core competence, which also shows in our impressive list of references from supplying the world’s largest corporations. Another of our strengths is corrosion protection. With our investment in the newest painting equipment our quality of painting is very good. We process the newest lacquer systems, including the environmentally friendly water-dilutable coatings.

Complete and certified production

For the manufacture of high-quality steel constructions PREIS SEVNICA manages different production processes. First process is prefabrication process, continuing with assembling, welding and surface processing. For the welding process we follow strict rules and regulations defined in standards DIN EN 15085-2 (CL1). For the welding of plates made of carbon and stainless steel, aluminium, pipes and threaded pins for rail vehicles we follow procedures defined in special standard EN ISO 3834-2.

Up to the largest sizes!

Steel constructions in PREIS SEVNICA are carried out in a large production area of 5 870 m2. Investment in the new facility for preparation (900 m2) and additional production space have enlarged our capacities significantly.