SML Sound Protection


Sound insulation is one of the main advantages of FP PREIS® SML. Due to the high density of cast iron and the buffer effect of the rubber lining in the couplings, sound
transmission is reduced to a minimum so that the system is a grant for silent drainage.

This provides the basis for general well-being in both, homes and offices, which is required by law and laid down in DIN 4109.


Sound level

The tests have demonstrated that the cast iron drainage system with rapid couplings as a freestanding system emits a very low level of noise. The crucial point in sound insulation lies in the pipe clamps for wall and ceiling installation, that is to say, in the connections of the pipe system to wall and / or ceiling.

If a vibration-decoupling element is used, the sound level can be reduced even more significantly until a sound level is reached which is not longer audible for human ears.

The bottom row in the table below shows the sound level, if the downpipe is not attached to the wall - that is to say it is installed independently. This test has been carried out to isolate the airborne sound from the structure-borne sound.

If you need any further assistance in sound-insulation-planning, please contact our sales support.