SML Material Characteristics

approx. 7,2 kg/dm³
(71,5 kN/m³ )

Tensile strenght
≥ 150 MPa for fittings
≥ 200 MPa for pipes

Compressive strength
approx. 3 to 4 times the value for tensile strength

Shear strength
approx. 1.1 to 1.6 times the value for tensile strength

Crushing strength
(peak compressive strength) ≥ 350 MPa

Modulus of elasticity
8•104 to 12•104 N/mm²

Poisson’s ratio

Coefficient of thermal conductivity
50-60 W/mK (at 20º C)

Heat resistance
As a system, PREIS® SML complies with fire resistance class A2 and cast iron itself is rated A1 according to EN 13501 - not combustible*

Coefficient of linear expansion
only 0.0105 mm/mK (between 0 and 100º C), more or less similar to concrete; can be set in concrete without any difficulty

Chemical resistance
PREIS® SML is highly resistible against domestic sewage water with a pH value between pH2 and pH12

* Annex F.2 of EN-877 confirms:

„Cast Iron products in accordance with this European Standard are non flammable and not combustible. In case of fire they contain their functional characteristics and they remain fire proof for a few hours, that is to say during this period their walls are tight against flames and gases and they remain free from bursts, distortions and they are failsafe. Wall and ceiling pass-troughs remain intact.”