Assembly and installation instructions

PREIS® SML pipes, fittings and coupling systems are produced and inspected according to EN 877.

The SML pipes are cut to the required length directly from the personnel working with the material. Pipes and fittings are joined with suitable pipe clamps.

Horizontal pipes have to be adequately fastened at all turns and branches. Downpipes have to be fastened at a maximum distance of 2 m. In buildings with 5 floors or more, the downpipes of DN 100 or larger should be secured against sinking by means of a downpipe support. Additionally, for higher buildings a downpipe support should be fitted at every subsequent fifth storey.

Drainage pipes are planned as unpressurized gravity flow lines. However, this does not exclude the pipe to be under pressure if certain operating conditions occur. As drainage and ventilation pipes are subject to possible interactions between the pipes and their environment, they have to be permanently leak-tight against internal and external pressure of between 0 and 0,5 bars. To sustain this pressure, those pipe parts subject to longitudinal movement must be fitted along the longitudinal axis, properly supported and secured. This kind of fitting has to be used whenever interior pressure exceeding 0,5 bars may arise in the drainage pipes, such as in the following cases:

  • Rainwater pipes
  • Pipes in the backwater area
  • Wastewater pipes which run through more than one basement without further outlet
  • Pressure pipes at wastewater pumps.

Non-friction-fitted pipelines subject to possible internal pressure or pressure developing during operation. These pipes must be provided with a suitable fixture, above all along the turns, to secure the axes from slipping apart and separating. The required resistance of the pipe and fitting connections to longitudinal forces is achieved by installing additional clamps (internal pressure load up to 10 bars possible) at the joints.

Further information on technical issues can be found in our brochure for technical specifications and details.