SML GEG Quality Mark

Evidence of quality and safety given by the GEG quality label

This quality label from GEG is a guarantee for cast iron drainage systems you can trust also in future.

For quality assurance reasons, the „German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification“ (RAL), Sankt Augustin, took the lead and founded the Gütegemeinschaft Entwässerungstechnik Guss e.V. (GEG - German Association for Drainage Technology Castings).

Its main objective is to guarantee excellent product quality also for the future - documented by the quality label (RAL-GZ 698). There are suppliers who do not comply with the required quality objectives which have always been a relevant criterion for cast iron drain pipes. The quality label takes into account the need for safety of all our partners, such as distributors, craftsmen, planning firms, or authorities.

The quality label is awarded upon successful completion of an extensive initial test by independent, recognised test institutes. In addition, the test institutes conduct ad hoc external inspections at least twice a year to assure the quality of the products to meet the stringent quality requirements.

These measures guarantee consistently high quality and spell out the great responsibility of manufacturers towards their partners in the market, for example distributors, fitters and end customers.

Requirements and inspections

* For typical composition of waste water see EN 877, chapter,