SML Fire Protection

According to Annex H of the EN 877 ( SBI – Single burning item Test) our PREIS® SML – drainage system in cast-iron was approved by the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology (ofi) under the fire behavior conferring the Construction Products Directive 89/106 EEC and confirmed the classification of A2 according EN 13501.

In this test, a single pipeline (PREIS® SML pipes, fittings and Rapid-couplings) is mounted and a fire is simulated. The system is fired at about 700 °C for 20 minutes.


  • PREIS® SML drainage system is not flammable and not inflammable
  • In case of fire it arises no smoke through the system
  • There was no burning or dropping material determined due to the heat
  • The system retains the functional characteristics, the walls remain tight
  • The pipe system is absolute stable and intact (no chimney effect).

The excellent properties in structural fire protection could be confirmed.