SML Coating & Labelling

Coating technology for SML pipes and fittings

SML pipes and fittings are supplied with a high quality, reddish brown epoxy resin coating

The paint for fittings is applied as a dip coating with fully cross-linked epoxy resin coatings inside and outside of the piece, then to be heat-treated at 180°C during 45 minutes. This cause a compound to be built between the fitting and the coating which is of extra high strength, thus, providing the pieces with thermal and chemical resistance that goes far beyond the stringent requirements of EN 877 and RAL-GZ 698.

On the outside, SML pipes are coated with a reddish brown 40µ thick base coating in accordance with DIN EN 877 that can be repainted with any standard colour varnish or finish commercially available. On the inner side, the coating is sprayed with completely cross-linked ochre-coloured epoxy material (120 µ), thus, protecting the pipe from aggressive domestic effluents.