Power Transformer Tanks

Up to the largest sizes!

PREIS has many years of experience as a producer of transformer tanks for power transformers. The common sizes range from small radiator units through medium voltage transformers to the biggest and most complex systems.

In addition to the standard steel tanks we have gained many years of experience in the production of specialised projects such as “Brückenmittelstücke” – compact high-power transformers for semi-autonomous rail transport, phase-shifters and, more recently, transformers for off-shore applications.

To round off the package we offer a range of extra services to our customers such as preparation of the production documentation, identification of cost-reduction potential and technical expertise in areas such as welding and corrosion protection.

Scope of the delivery for the power transformer tank includes:

  • tank
  • cover
  • conservator
  • turret
  • cable terminal box
  • piping
  • yoke clamps
  • shunts
  • wheels
  • corrosion protection