Foundry Solutions

The challenge: increasing flexibility and process safety while reducing costs.

The solution: all from one mould, formed by PREIS.

PREIS offers solutions tailored to your individual requirements:

  • development, engineering and production of customized and tailor-made patterns made of high quality materials,
  • from high quality raw casting to finished machined system solution for the assembly line,
  • customer´s specific requirements such as pressure tests, special coating, pre-assembly, etc.,
  • rapid and cost effective transport as service,
  • reusable resource saving packaging (standard boxes and palettes).

PREIS is an objective and competent partner for all matters. With our existing machinery park, experienced and qualified personnel and a large pool of tested partners we are able to react precisely and rapidly to your wishes and market situation.

Using our long experience we develop together with our customers processes to find system solutions for continuously improving quality and competitiveness.