Радиаторы охлаждения

The radiators conform to DIN 42559 and EN 50216-6 standards. The radiators are vacuum-proof and have to withstand 1 bar gauge pressure at 100°C transformer oil temperature.

Section width of the radiators is 520 mm and the distance between two sections is 45 mm. The length of the radiators can be chosen from 800 mm to 3500 mm in 100 mm steps. Maximum number of sections in a radiator is 35.

The radiators are manufactured from DIN 10130 DC 01 steel sheet with a thickness of 1.2 mm or 1.0 mm as ordered. A leakage test is performed for radiators with a material thickness of 1.0 mm by applying 1.5 bar air pressure. Radiators with 1.2 mm material thickness are tested at 2.0 bar gauge pressure.

PREIS manufactures radiators with or without hot dip galvanisation according to the needs of the customer and the environmental conditions where they are to be used. The radiator surfaces are cleaned in a phosphate bath in order to prepare them for the corrosion protection system.

The inner surfaces of the radiator are painted with celerol coating. The outer surface application can be carried out using one (oven baked polyester) or two component (solvent based) coatings in the flowing paint system, as required by the customer.

Oven coatings are dried at 160°C for a permanent finish.